“If I could teach you anything – it would be to hear your heart, and to know your beauty and to believe in your possibilities.”


My mission is simple: Create a safe and respectful space where my clients can honestly explore, and learn from their personal stories. As a professional psychotherapist it is a true honor and privilege to facilitate these personal moments of discovery, which are often raw, difficult and challenging.

Sometimes in life, we lose our way. The therapeutic environment should suspend the constant struggles of life, to open an interpersonal dialogue of honest, and sometimes painful expression. Through these reflective moments we catch our breath, and evaluate what is happening in life to cause issues we struggle to resolve.

Together we can create realistic goals, and use the power of counseling to summon the inner strength to find new contentment and joy. As a therapist I listen for emotion, conflict and authenticity, and collaborate gently with each client to guide them to a successful outcome.
My areas of focus are individuals, couples and families who are may be struggling with issues relating to depression, anxiety, parenting, marriage and family, or grief and loss and transitions.

I also work with adolescents to assist them in facing the difficult challenges that often accompany adolescence, and can lead to negative body image, lack of confidence and self-esteem, and difficulties in coping with the pressures at school, home and work.


The First Step

Whether this is the first time you’ve considered a therapist, or you’ve worked with a therapist before, I hope you’ll choose to reach out.  I’ll help you determine if we’re a good fit, and happy to provide referrals to other therapists that might meet your needs.

The first step is scheduling a 15-20 minute consultation by phone, with no cost or commitment for ongoing sessions.  If we decide to work together, my therapy sessions are $125 per 50-minute session. While I do not bill through insurance, I can provide any documentation you may submit for any possible claims.  I do accept credit cards and HSA debit cards.

Fill out the following form and I’ll reach out to set up our first call.

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